The Equiletics method involves the 4 intersecting concepts pictured.  A solid foundation and ongoing practice in all of these areas ensures you've left nothing to chance when working towards your goals with your horse.  


  • Traditional Dressage riding lessons and clinics: private or small groups (2-3 riders)
  • Position lessons on the lunge line for riders of all disciplines.
  • Rider and/or horse corrective exercise programs on and off horse.
  • Educational seminars on a variety of topics. Groups who organize clinics often book an evening group theory session for more efficient learning.  Topics include:
    • ​Corrective Exercise for Riders
    • Corrective Exercise for Horses
    • Equine Behavior from a Veterinary Perspective
    • Understanding the Gaits to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Aids
    • A topic of your preference

  • Solving behavioral issues.  Taking the time to reprogram your horse's reactions is well worth the effort,.  Typical issues include: trailer loading, fear of clippers, head shyness, needle shyness to name a few.
  • Management consultation.  Takes a look at the whole picture.  If your horse is struggling in one area of its life this will transfer to other areas.  No different than humans.  We are encouraged not to bring our issues to work with us, easier said than done!
  • Horses taken in full or partial training.  Full training packages may include a combination of lessons, off horse sessions and training rides on your horse.

Board is available with full training at my stable.  Haul-ins are also welcome. 

Please call for pricing, availability and with any questions you may have.