She now operates a training company called Equiletics where she offers educational seminars and works with riders and their horses to sort through their own physical and mental challenges to improve their relationship and enhance their performance regardless of what their goals might be.


"A horse's face always conveys clearly whether it is loved by its owner or simply used...please see riding in terms of art and not as sport.  If your motivation for riding is simply to keep yourself in a good state of physical fitness, you should not be using a living creature for this"                                                      Anja Beran

Jen has a long history of training horses.  One of her first highlights was competing for Canada on our Young Rider Team in 1991 where she earned a top ten result on an off-the-track Thoroughbred she trained herself.  Shortly after, he became the first horse she finished to Grand Prix.  She earned a team training grant from the Canadian Equestrian Federation which allowed her to train in Germany between academic school years. In the past, she has been long listed for the Canadian Team and has had many successes in FEI rings across Canada.

With her veterinary training, Jen has a special interest in equine exercise physiology, behaviour and sports medicine.  She is frequently called to examine horses with a history of simply "not working correctly" or developing odd, often resistant behaviours. She often finds the horse's condition was caused or complicated by a lack of correct conditioning in preparation for what they were being asked to do and from the horse and rider carrying themselves in an unbalanced way.   She has learned through the study of corrective exercise and other modalities how to help riders correct their own postural imbalances so they can influence their horses in a more ethical way.  She has also modified corrective exercise principles to work for horses.  


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In addition to holding a Coach Specialist certificate through Equine Canada, B2 standing in Pony Club and a DVM degree Jenifer is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with specialization in Corrective Exercise from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and recently completed a MSc with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh in the area of equine behavioural physiology as it specifically relates to fear and phobia